Ranking #1 in Google and Bing for competitive search terms requires expert industry knowledge, expert technical skills, and expert marketing capabilities. Search is still the primary way people navigate the internet and ranking #1 typically results in 3 times the traffic of ranking #2, and 30 times the traffic of ranking #11. Achieving top ranks in search is the single most important tactic for generating traffic to your web properties and succeeding online.

ManagedSEO are experts in aligning our clients' content and services with the searches being completed by their potential customers. We work with our clients to implement compelling and optimised digital properties, content and services that mirror exactly what their potential customers are looking for. The quantitative marketing data generated through this process is then leveraged by our clients across all their marketing activities.

Monthly Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services:


Monthly competitive benchmarking and analysis of search performance across 125 most important keywords and top 3 markets

Top Pages

Monthly report, analysis and optimisation of 500 top ranking pages that drive traffic to your site

Top Keywords

Monthly report and analysis of 500 top keywords that drive traffic

Strongest Pages

Monthly report and analysis of 500 strongest and most authoritative pages

Link Building

Monthly updated list of domains and specific pages where targeted link building is required


Updated specific, prioritised and actionable recommendations for improving search performance based on extensive SEO toolkit and results of monthly benchmarking and analysis

Code Optimization

Specific instructions and support for system integrator on website code optimisation

SEO Questions

Availability to respond to SEO questions and provide general SEO advising

Weekly Conference

Weekly 30 minute conference calls to discuss progress against SEO priorities

We focus exclusively on five vertical markets: Sports, Financial Services, e-Government, Tourism and Major Global Events. We only work with reputable companies and abide by a strict code of ethics and commit to only using white-hat SEO techniques. Not only is this the ethically correct choice, but it is a requirement for sustained competitive advantage.

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